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Employability Skills


Attached to each teal colored question is a file that indicates the related On Course principle, hover over file to view.
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Employability Skills
  1. Am I Virtuous?


    • On Course Principles: Discovering Self Motivation Mastering Self-Management Adopting Lifelong learning
    1. Passion and Inspiration
      1. Creativity and Innovation
        1. Thinking Critically and Creatively
          1. Applies concepts learned
            1. Shares relevant information in class
              1. Evaluates reasonableness of solution
            2. Am I a Good Citizen ?
              1. Ethics
                1. Demonstrate Community and Global Accountability
                  1. Shows respect for diversity
                    1. Makes decisions that utilize resources in a sustainable manner
                      1. Complies with all agency policies and procedures
                  2. Am I Skillful?


                    • On Course Principles: *Accepting Personal Responsibility *Employing Interdependence
                    1. Customer Focus
                      1. Collaboration
                        1. Work Cooperatively and Professionally
                          1. Participates actively in group discussions
                            1. Completes assignments professionally
                              1. Abides by policies of course syllabus and NWTC handbook
                        2. Results and Accountability
                          1. Demonstrate Personal Accountability
                            1. Regularly Attends Class
                              1. Arrives to class on time
                                1. Comes to class with necessary supplies/books
                            2. Solve Problems Effectively
                              1. Follows Directions
                                1. Uses resources while solving problems
                                  1. Troubleshoots issues adequately before contacting instructor/peers
                          2. Am I Aware of Other People?


                            • On Course Principles * Developing Emotional Intelligence *Gaining Self Awareness
                            1. Emotional Intelligence
                              1. Communicate Effectively
                                1. Asks questions
                                  1. Uses appropriate language
                                    1. Listens while others are speaking
                              2. Valuing Talent and Wellbeing
                                1. Everyone Has Worth
                                  1. Values Individual Differences and Abilities
                                    1. Employs culturally sensitive language
                                      1. Verbally and nonverbally respectful to all
                                        1. Shows dignity and respect to residents, co-workers, staff, and family
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