Pamela Burgess' Mind-Maps

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Pamela Burgess' Mind Map

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Pamela Burgess' Mind-Maps
    1. I believe my actions should be purposeful - designed to accomplish specific goals that positively impact
      1. MY Family
        1. My Faith and Service
          1. MY Work
        2. PERSPECTIVE
          1. I believe I should always try to view task, challenges, and other opinions from a perspective lens.
            1. Because I know I am an Introvert, intentionally keeping a perspective lens helps me to keep an open view of the thoughts, opinions and value of others.
          2. PASSION
            1. I believe everything I do, I should do it with love and care.
              1. People eventually respond better when actions are done in love and care...even the most difficult task.
            2. POWER
              1. I am convinced my time here on earth is meant to emPOWER others.
                1. To EQUIP others with tools...
                  1. That ENABLE others...
                    1. To ENHANCE their lives and the lives of others
              2. PRODUCTIVITY
                1. I believe my life should be centered on productivity.
                  1. This value keeps me disciplined, keeps my attitude in check and builds upon strong work ethics, regardless of what is taking place around me.
                    1. Discipline
                      1. Work Ethics
                        1. Attitude
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