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    1. Introduction
      1. Decision Supports Systems (DSS) are computer-based information systems designed in such a way that help managers to select one of the many alternative solutions to a problem.
        1. It helps corporate to increase market share, reduce costs, increase profitability and enhance quality.
        2. Problem Statement
          1. Decision Support System is a tool for making better decisions in the organization with respect to Birla Corporation Limited.
            1. After preliminary study it was felt to develop a DSS Model for various functionalities specifically maintaining attendance by computerized methods
              1. 1. Storing each employee’s individual detailed information requires much documentation and keeping of these documents is another tedious work.
                1. 2. Reporting of old attendance details of a particular worker is too much difficult in existing system.
                  1. 3. Any calculation mistake is existing system could lead to erroneous result.
                    1. 4. There are not well-defined authorizations and security levels in the current FoxPro based system.
                      1. 5. There are no facilities of full database backups and there is always panic situation of data loss.
                  2. Characteristics of DSS
                    1. 1. Handle large amounts of data like database searches 2. Obtain and process data from different sources 3. Provide report and presentation flexibility to suit the decision maker's needs 4. Have both textual and graphical orientation like charts, trend lines, tables and more
                    2. Capabilities of DSS
                      1. 1. Support for problem-solving phases including the intelligence, design, choice, implementation and monitoring 2. Support for different decision frequencies that range from one-of-a-kind 3. One-of-a-kind decisions are handled by an ad hoc DSS 4. Repetitive decisions are handled by institutional DSS
                      2. Decision Making and Problem Solving Process
                        1. The Decision making process starts with the intelligence phase, where, potential problems and /or opportunities are identified and defined.
                        2. Design and Development of DSS
                          1. The development process of DSS relates with the long-term business plans of the organizations. DSS requires resources like capital, time and capacity. The Decision Support System (DSS) may be developed using following ways: 1. Prototype method 2. Life cycle approach
                            1. A. Designing of DSS for Attendance Capturing & Recording System
                              1. B. Responsibilities
                                1. Employing Activity’s Responsibilities
                                  1. Approving official’s Responsibility
                                    1. Timekeeping Responsibilities
                                      1. C. Decision Making at Top Level
                                        1. E. Reporting from the Designed DSS
                                          1. 1. Worker’s individual information is stored separately. 2. Searching of particular information became faster. 4. Due to user friendly interface the matter became easy to understand. 5. Password oriented system increased security of data.
                                          2. A decision is basically resource allocation process that is irreversible except that a fresh decision may reverse it or it may overrule the earlier one.
                                          3. 1. Timekeeping is a critical function, which may be performed by the individual employee, Timekeeper,
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