"Thames pollution and the great stink of 1858" and "London Bathing Season"

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the effect of Thames pollution on health

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"Thames pollution and the great stink of 1858" and "London Bathing Season"
  1. 250 tones of waste discharge into Thames daily
    1. By-products from slaughter houses and cattle yards flowed freely into river
      1. As well as a dumping ground for waste the river was also a source of drinking water
      2. The rise of industrial pollution from paper mills, tanneries, dye works and breweries was all deposited in the river
      3. Summer 1858- unusually high temperatures
        1. Drought
          1. River dried up leaving the accumulation of waste products
            1. Raw sewage+extreme heat=awful smell
              1. Smell caused nausea and vomiting
                1. People drank more water because of heat and feeling nauseous
                  1. Water was contaminated
                    1. Unclean drinking water resulted in the spread of diseases such as cholera
        2. Because the Thames is a tidal river, the waste stayed in London instead of flowing out to sea as had been hoped
          1. Being exposed to raw sewage caused illnesses such as cholera, typhoid, small pox and scarlett fever.
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