My training plan

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Core skills and Soft skills that my profession requires.

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My training plan
  1. The Art and Science of Negotiation
    1. This course provides tools to create opportunities for mutual gains that make possible to resolve negotiations that look intractable and to reach better outcomes where a deal is possible.
      1. Open MIT:
    2. Globalization of Business Enterprise
      1. This course helps to develop a global intelligence, by looking at how international differences in capital and labor systems affect the ways in which business enterprises are structured and governed around the world.
        1. Coursera:
      2. What great bosses know
        1. The purpose of this course is to share key leadership lessons for managers who want to be great bosses. The instructor shares her experience in coaching leaders worldwide.
          1. iTunesU:
        2. Enhance Your Career and Employability Skills
          1. The aim of this course is to learn how to make effective decisions about professional development by analyzing the acquired skills and the current abilities gaps.
            1. Coursera:
          2. Business Analysis and Valuation
            1. This course helps to develop critical thinking by learning to interpret and analyze financial statements in order to evaluate corporate performance and take adequate decisions.
              1. Open Harvard:
            2. Workplace Communication for the 21st Century
              1. The course attempts to improve verbal and non-verbal communication including: team building, confidence, assertiveness, tact, interviewing, communicating more effectively with technology (email, Skype, texting, etc.), among others.
                1. Coursera:
              2. Financial Markets
                1. The course is an introduction to risk management through to the appropriate allocation of resources in order to foster enterprise. After talking about finance as an occupation, the author of this course emphasizes the moral imperative to use wealth for the purposes of philanthropy.
                  1. Yale:
                2. Generating Business Value from Information Technology
                  1. This course encompasses the study of information technology (IT) for achieving operational excellence and business agility. It will also be examined the way some firms make IT a strategic asset.
                    1. Open MIT:
                  2. Manage 21st Century Business Strategy
                    1. The aim of this course is to be able to innovate the business strategy, focusing on the user experience, competitive advantage, value creation as well as goal setting.
                      1. Coursera:
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