Organisational Theory

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Organisational Theory
1 Classical Approach
1.1 Traditional Approach
1.1.1 Command and control
1.1.2 authorative
1.1.3 bureaucratic
1.1.4 Transactional
1.1.5 Eliminate human error Division of Labour Standardisation Rules/procedures Remove worker discretion
1.2 Criticism
1.2.1 Boring meaningless jobs Division of labour
1.2.2 Sees people as Greedy robots Only motivated by money
2 Human Relations Approach
2.1 Focuses on Psychological
2.1.1 Emotional needs
2.2 Organisations
2.2.1 Co-operative Social Systems
2.3 Job Design
2.3.1 Satisfy human needs
2.3.2 Satsify org objectives
2.3.3 Job enlargement Increase variety Learn new skills
2.3.4 Job enrichment Increase worker control
2.4 Stresses
2.4.1 Intrinsic motivation
2.4.2 Participative Leadership
2.4.3 Communication
2.4.4 Collaboration
2.5 Criticisms
2.5.1 Ignores the outside world
2.5.2 One best way
2.5.3 Manipulative
3 Contingency Theory
3.1 No one best way for all
3.1.1 Best way for each
3.2 Best management style depends
3.2.1 Situational Environment Stable Unpredictable Work tasks Routine Non routine Key Contingencies Environmental uncertainty Size Technology
3.2.2 Mechanistic or Organic Mechanistic Bureaucratic High specialisation Clear chain of command Narrow spans of control More like classical approach Slow Change Organic Cross functional teams Wide spans Rapid change Flexible/adaptive
4 Business
4.1 Ever Changing
4.1.1 Environment Business Technological Political Economic
4.1.2 Result on management style?
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