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future 2035


Future 2035
Luz Helena Niño Calderon
Mind Map by Luz Helena Niño Calderon, updated more than 1 year ago
Luz Helena Niño Calderon
Created by Luz Helena Niño Calderon over 6 years ago

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future 2035
  1. there will be not lampposts
    1. the cars will be automatic
      1. There will be not garbage on the street
        1. There will be computers in every object
          1. There will be robots dogs
        2. transportation will be faster
          1. There will be electric cars
            1. there will be not more poor countries
              1. you will discover life on other planets
            2. There will be robots that help people
              1. The number of vehicles will double in the world
                1. there will be a clock that serves as a phone
              2. the technology will be more advanced
                1. there will be global warming
                  1. There will be televisions spherical shape
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