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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility )


Mind Map on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility ), created by Judy Nguyen on 11/02/2015.
Judy Nguyen
Mind Map by Judy Nguyen, updated more than 1 year ago
Judy Nguyen
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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility )
  1. Definition
    1. Corporation's Initiatives/Management Ways
      1. Achieving a balance
        1. Economic Imperatives
          1. Environmental Imperatives
            1. Social Imperatives
            2. Interacting & Addressing Expectations
              1. Shareholders
                1. Stakeholders
            3. Activities' Main Areas
              1. Leadership, vision & values
                1. Marketplace Activities
                  1. Workforce activities
                    1. Supply Chain Activities
                      1. Stakeholder Engagement
                        1. Community Activites
                          1. Environmental Activites
                          2. Why investing in CSR?
                            1. Winning new businesses
                              1. Enhanced Relationship with stakeholders
                                1. Attracting, Retaining and Maintaining a happy workforce
                                  1. Media interest and good reputation
                                    1. Access to funding opportunities
                                      1. Enhancing company's influence in the industry
                                        1. Differentiating from competitors
                                          1. Saving money on energy and operating cost
                                            1. Increase in customer retention
                                            2. Examples about CSR Activities
                                                1. Environmental Stewardship
                                                  1. Recycles differrent types of waste
                                                    1. Offers discount to customers who bring in personal tumblers
                                                    2. Energy Conservation
                                                      1. develops LED lighting to replace halogen lighting.
                                                      2. Water Conservation
                                                        1. installing the manually operated hand-meter faucet all stores in U.S.A
                                                      3. Reasons
                                                        1. Cost Reduction
                                                          1. Energy Savings
                                                            1. Improving environmental footprine
                                                              1. High Reputation
                                                                1. Creating interest to customers
                                                                1. Operating Community Involvement Program
                                                                  1. earmarked more than $1.3 million
                                                                    1. facilitate 13,000 employees to participate
                                                                    2. Reasons
                                                                      1. helping community
                                                                        1. Build Brand Loyalty and Profits
                                                                          1. increasing employee morale & productivity
                                                                        2. Disney
                                                                          1. major provider of aid after natural disasters, such as the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.
                                                                            1. Reasons
                                                                              1. Helping Society
                                                                                1. Increasing Reputation
                                                                                  1. Leverage Media Impact
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