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The Lean Six Sigma System


Este cuadro habla sobre el lean six sigma
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The Lean Six Sigma System
  1. Main Goal
    1. Maximize shareholder value
      1. How
        1. Achieving the fastest rate of improvement in
          1. Customer Satisfaction, Cost, Quality, Process Speed, Invested Capital
    2. Lean Six Sigma
      1. Lean manufacturing tools increase process speed and reduce process waste. Six Sigma quality tools to reduce process variation and eliminate product defects
      2. Six Sigma: The Power of a Quality Culture
        1. Goal
          1. Create a quality management system to measure process capability and to improve it to near-perfection
            1. The Quality Culture
              1. Customer centric, finanalcial results, management engagement, resource commitment (1-3% staff), excecution infrestructure
                1. Metrics
                  1. Potential Process Capability Index (Cp)
                    1. Process variation vs. Quality specifications, it must be larger than 1.33
                    2. Real Process Capability Index (Cpk)
                      1. Process distribution vs. Quality specifications, it must be larger than 1.00
              2. Process and Improvement Tools
                1. Step 1: DEFINE
                  1. Step 2: MEASURE
                    1. Step 3: ANALYZE
                      1. Step 4: IMPROVE
                        1. Step 5: CONTROL
                          1. Develop control plan, monitor performance, and mistake-proof process
                            1. TOOLS
                              1. Control plan, statistical process control, Poka-Yoke devices, and process documentation
                          2. Generate ideas for product and process design, conduct experiments, create straw models (prototypes), develop implementation plans, and validate improvements
                            1. TOOLS
                              1. Design of experiments, total productive maintenance, SMED, flow manufacturing, and jidoka / autonomation
                          3. Determine process capability and speed, and determine dources of variation and cycle time bottlenecks
                            1. TOOLS
                              1. Statistical process control, process mapping / arrow diagram, standard operations analysis, and DFMEA /PFMEA
                          4. Define current state, confirm project objectives, and collect and display data
                            1. TOOLS
                              1. Lean Six Sigma diagnostic, process mapping, statistical process control (7H / 7M), and MSA
                          5. Identify black belt and team resources, prepare team charter, and obtain project approval
                            1. TOOLS
                              1. Project management, VA / VE, and financial analysis
                        2. The Speed of Lean Manufacturing
                          1. Goal
                            1. Identify the “time traps” injected by fewer than 20% of the workstations that cause 80% of the delays and eliminate them
                              1. Metrics
                                1. Process Cycle Efficiency > 25%
                                  1. Value-Added Time, and Total Lead Time
                                  2. Sources of Waste Reduction
                                    1. Shorter lead time, less inventories, less material handling, fewer customer complaints, and less scrap and rework
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