Prehistoric Period

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Mind Map on Prehistoric Period, created by Dream Believer on 11/27/2013.

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Dream Believer
Created by Dream Believer almost 6 years ago
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Prehistoric Period
1 Surgery
1.1 Trephining
1.1.1 Hole in the head Drilled a hole into the head by using a sharp stone
1.1.2 Release bad spirits
1.1.3 Archealogical findings suggest people actually survived from this.
2 Causes for disease
2.1 Supernatural causes
2.1.1 Bad spirits replacing good spirits
2.1.2 Good spirits leaving body
2.2 Natural Causes
2.2.1 Causes to obvious stuff like burns
3 Public Health
3.1 All fit due to exercise.
3.2 Good diet
3.2.1 Few people suffered tooth decay
3.2.2 Heart disease and Lung cancer was rare because of the healthy diet
4 Osteoporosis
4.1 Was common with kids becasue of hard work.

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