Current and Potential Difference (Physics Unit 2)

Marcus Wells
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Marcus Wells
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A mind map on current and potential difference

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Current and Potential Difference (Physics Unit 2)
  1. Current
    1. The flow of electric charge round the circuit
      1. Charge is measured in coulombs
      2. Measured in amps (A)
        1. Current = Charge / Time
          1. I = Q / T
        2. Potential difference
          1. Same as voltage
            1. Measured in volts (V)
              1. The force that pushes the current round
                1. P.D = Work done / Charge
                  1. V = W / Q
                2. Resistance
                  1. Anything in the circuit which slows the flow down.
                    1. Measured in ohms
                    2. The greater the resistance across a component, the smaller the current that flows
                      1. (For a given potential difference across the component)
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