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  1. 1* It will be a much more floid world
    1. 2* Open a system of universal health coverage will be central
      1. 3* Will be a freer world
        1. 4* Will be a feer world
          1. 5* Will be a world without problems
            1. 6* The cars will drive themselves
              1. 7* It is commonly addressed through software robot that will reach up to 95% of success in the most common diseases
                1. 8* They are modular robots and have no human appearance
                  1. 9* A soldier in action will be received through special glasses , information
                    1. 10*It will be even more accessible in touch with friends and strangers
                      1. 11* Flat screens that can cover the walls are flexible
                        1. 15* The clothes will be the taste of each person
                          1. 13* Recidenciales will be the 10 - story sets
                            1. 12* The house will be more modern
                              1. 14* Will be a 50% discount on food
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