Proteins, Catalysts and Enzymes

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Proteins, Catalysts and Enzymes
1 The Basics of Enzymes
1.1 enzymes are made of protein
1.1.1 proteins are made up of long chains of amino acids
1.1.2 the amino acid chains are folded to form the active site
1.1.3 proteins act as structural components of tissues, hormones, as antibodies and as catalysts
1.2 enzymes act as catalysts for
1.2.1 building large molecules from lots of smaller ones
1.2.2 changing one molecule into another
1.2.3 breaking down large molecules into smaller ones
2 Factors Effecting Enzymes
2.1 Enzyme activity affected by temperature and pH
2.2 High temperature and wrong pH can affect the shape of the active site of an enzyme and stop it working
2.2.1 the enzymes get denatured
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