Café Rio Tinto

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Café Rio Tinto
1 Social responsibility
1.1 Enviromental
1.1.1 minimize waste products no one time usable dishes Recycling
2 High quality coffee
2.1 produced in Brazil
2.1.1 Farm: Fazenda São Silvestre Ismael & Eduardo Andrade Bourbon Típica Yellow Icatú produced organically result in high quality product
3 Culture
3.1 Brazil
3.1.1 Coffee Tradition
3.1.2 Exhibition Gallery
3.1.3 Dancing performances Lessons
4 Finances
4.1 Finance Plan
5 Staff
5.1 relatives
5.1.1 not high wage
5.1.2 good working conditions manageable workload Open Spaces Worker Safety Consistent Communication
5.2 special qualifications
6 Equipment
6.1 Furniture
6.1.1 create South American vibe
6.2 produce coffee
7 Location
7.1 Lissabon
7.1.1 Lissabon- Sào Paulo 7892.8 Kilometers oversea transport
7.1.2 154m squared owners
8 Type of company
8.1 Partnership consisting of 3 people
8.1.1 Saif-specialised in the production of Coffee
8.1.2 Jai- contacts in Brazil
8.1.3 Adam-Business Manager
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