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Is It Fair?


Sonu Mucesh
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Sonu Mucesh
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Is It Fair?
  1. keywords
    1. Authority
      1. Right or power over others. This could be a priest, a set of laws or teachings from a sacred text
      2. Discrimination
        1. Treating people differently because of their race; gender, religon or class
        2. Equality
          1. Being treated the same. Many believers would say that all people are equal in the eyes of God
          2. Identity
            1. The personality and character of an individual. Each person has their own identity and is unique
            2. Injustice
              1. Withholding someone's human rights, for example imprisonment without trial
              2. Perjudice
                1. When a person is judged without any eveidence, for example because of the colour of their skin
              3. Wealth & Charity
                1. Islam
                  1. All wealth is a gift from God
                    1. Give 2.5% of your income; Zahkat
                      1. The more money you have the more generous you should be
                        1. Islamic Relif
                          1. Tries to help education in poor countries
                            1. Provides vital medication
                              1. Uses teachings from the Qur'an
                            2. Christianty
                              1. Wealth is a gift from God
                                1. Material wealth should be shared with others
                                  1. Shows compassion
                                    1. Christian Aid
                                      1. Helps poor countries
                                        1. tries to stop injustice
                                          1. Promotes Fairtrade
                                      2. Famous people linked with religon
                                        1. Malcom x
                                          1. Encouraged people to fight their opponets
                                          2. Ghandi
                                            1. Stoped injustice in India
                                              1. Used non-violent methods
                                              2. Marthin Luther King
                                                1. Non-viloent methods
                                                  1. Bible teachings
                                                    1. All ways forgave
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