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Is It Fair? (Christianity)


This is 'is if fair' for Christianity
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Is It Fair? (Christianity)
  1. Key Words
    1. Authority
      1. right or power over others. This could be a priest.
      2. Discrimination
        1. treating people differently because of their; gender, religion or class
        2. Equality
          1. being treated the same. Many believers would say that all people are equal in the eyes of God.
          2. Identity
            1. the personality and character of an individual. Each person has their own identity and is unique.
            2. Injustice
              1. with holding someone's human rights, for example imprisonment without trail.
              2. Prejudice
                1. when a person is judged without any evidence, for example because of the colour of their skin.
              3. Men & Women
                1. Jesus did noty treat women badly.
                  1. Men and women were created in God's image- Genesis.
                    1. Women were the first to see Jesus when he came back to life.
                      1. Many churches have women priests.
                        1. Roman Catholic and Orthodox church do not allow women to be priests as the twelve disciples were all men.
                        2. Racism
                          1. Racism, prejudice and discrimination are wrong
                            1. God created all humans equa. In the Bible God made men and women in his image.
                              1. Jesus mixed will all sorts of people- lepers, outcasts etc.
                                1. Jesus tought that Christians should love one another and everyone
                                  1. The Bible says there is no Greek or Jew, slave or free. This means there should be no racism.
                                    1. Martin Luther King set the example.
                                    2. Wealth + Charity
                                      1. Being rich is not the most important thing in life
                                        1. Christians should not worry about money
                                          1. Christians should follow Jesus' example... Care for the poor
                                            1. Trust generosity means giving to others (sacrifice) Eye of the needle.
                                              1. We'll be judged on care for poor; Sheep and Goats, Money should be shared with others; greediness or looking down on poor is wrong.
                                                1. Love for money is root of all evil.
                                                2. Media Influence
                                                  1. Influence how we understand events
                                                    1. Very often we are only given one side of the story- Biased
                                                      1. Certain groups are represented in a certain way for exapmle; Islamaphobia or how young people are viewed.
                                                      2. Jutsice
                                                        1. World should be ruled justly
                                                          1. God will reward the goo dand punish the bad
                                                            1. Christians believe in justice because;
                                                              1. Bible show's that God is a God of justice
                                                                1. Bible says people should be treated fairly
                                                                  1. Jesus said that rich should share with the poor
                                                                    1. There is many statements in the Bible about sharing with the poor
                                                                  2. Martin Luther King
                                                                    1. He was a Christian against injustice
                                                                      1. Campaigned to stand up for the black people's rights in USA
                                                                        1. Followed Jesus' teaching about loving your enemy. He spoke out against them, but always used non-violent methods and forgave
                                                                          1. Encouraged Bus Boycotts and demonstrations against unfair segragetion.
                                                                            1. In 1968 was assainated
                                                                            2. Christian Aid promoting Justice
                                                                              1. Helps poor nations work in over 60 countries in developing world.
                                                                                1. providing funds to help people become self supportive. Making world more equal
                                                                                  1. campaining to try to get rid of causes of injustice
                                                                                    1. promote fair trade
                                                                                    2. God Love's the world and all in it. They follow the golden rules of treating others how you would like to be treated and loving your neighbours. This follows Jesus' example
                                                                                    3. Propaganda
                                                                                      1. propaganda means deliberately only presenting one side and trying to get people thinking one way
                                                                                        1. This may happen during war to get people to support war
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