Educational systems

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Society depending on an article

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Educational systems
  1. Influence of teachers
    1. "Teachers inculcate the ideals and knowledge of society in their students"
      1. Church
        1. "The educational system reflect the role of the church in society"
      2. Modernization and industrialization
        1. "It's not enough to merely identify society's past and present values, but to discover those values that best coincide with the conditions of society"
        2. Society
          1. Changes over time
            1. Cultural
              1. History
                1. "anticipate the future and understand the present"
                2. Economic
                  1. "the aspects of the old educational system retained by the new one are those that are still representative of society's values"
                  2. Beliefs
                    1. Different
                      1. Equal
                        1. Collective thought
                          1. "Because the system of education arises from the common beliefs of society's members, it is a product of collective, not individual, thought"
                        2. "the ideal of what the child should become, arises from the common beliefs of society's members"
                        3. Values
                          1. Constant change
                            1. "If the values of a society change, they may become manifest in the educational system"
                            2. "society can survive only if there exists among its members a sufficient degree of homogeneity"
                          2. "reflect underlying changes in society, because the systems are a construct built by society"
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