APUSH Period 1 (1491-1607)

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This is a map for the 1st period of AP U.S. history.

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APUSH Period 1 (1491-1607)
1 Central and South American Cultures
1.1 Aztec
1.1.1 Located in Mexico
1.1.2 Corn
1.1.3 Cortés conquers
1.2 Inca
1.2.1 Located in Peru
1.2.2 Potatoes
1.2.3 Pizarro conquers
1.3 Maya
1.3.1 Located in Yucátan peninsula
1.3.2 Declined before Aztecs (1st culture)
1.3.3 Corn
1.4 Gender Roles
1.4.1 Men hunt and make tools
1.4.2 Women gather plants & nuts, and grow crops
2 Native Languages
2.1 20 language families w/400 distinct languages
3 Southwest Settlements
3.1 Four corners of U.S.
3.2 Pueblos and Anasazi
3.2.1 Cliff dwellings
4 Northeast Settlements
4.1 Ohio Valley to NY
4.1.1 Iroquois Confederation Mohawk Valley Rival natives & Europeans
5 Tech
5.1 China- Gunpowder
5.2 Arabs- compass
6 Spanish Monarchy
6.1 1469- Ferdinand and Isabella
6.1.1 Conquer Moorish (Islamic) invaders' communities
6.1.2 Eventually fund Columbus' voyages 1492- Lands in Bahamas doesn't find gold, spices or new route Columbian Exchange Exchange of resources, foods, ideas and diseases (smallpox)
6.1.3 Exploration through conquistadorés
7 New Routes
7.1 1453- Main trade area Constantinople captured by Ottoman turks
7.1.1 Portugal's Prince Henry opens new route 1498- Vasca de Gama reaches India
8 Slavery
8.1 1400's- Portuguese import slaves from West Africa
8.1.1 Some run away/revolt
9 Treaty of Tordesillas
9.1 1493/1494- Spanish pope divides land of Portugal b/t Spain and Portugal
10 Early 1600's settlements- North America
10.1 English send John Cabot- explores New Foundland in 1497
10.1.1 Sir Francis Drake (pirate) attacks Spanish ships for silver/gold
10.1.2 1587- Walter Raleigh attempts failed Roanoke colony
10.2 French
10.2.1 Verrazano sent to New York Harbor by french monarchy
10.2.2 Jaques Cartier explores St. Lawrence River
10.2.3 1608- Champlain founds Quebec
10.2.4 1682- de La Salle explores along Mississippi river, names land Louisiana for French king
10.3 Dutch
10.3.1 New Amsterdam/New York
10.3.2 Dutch west India Co. controls land (corporation control)
10.4 Spanish
10.4.1 Florida- St. Augustine (1565)
10.4.2 New Mexico- Santa Fe (1610)
10.4.3 Texas (early 1700's)
10.4.4 California- Cabrillo in San Diego (late 1700's)
11 Treatment of Native Americans
11.1 Spanish
11.1.1 Killed and enslaved most of population and had class system w/Spaniards on top
11.1.2 De Las Casas condemns this Ends encomienda system
11.2 English
11.2.1 Marriages w/natives
11.2.2 Coexisted until no respect and English force them out of land
11.3 French
11.3.1 trade/war allies
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