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Cycles of Matter


Cycle Of Matter Natalia Bonilla Villalta 6B
Natalia Bonilla
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Cycles of Matter
  1. The Carbon Cycle
    1. Most producers take in carbon dioxide from the air during food-making or photosynthesis.
      1. Producers use it to make food.
        1. They use the carbon that contain molecules such as sugars and starches.
          1. When food is broken down, the consumers and producers release carbon dioxide and water into the environment.
      2. The oxygen cycle
        1. Producers release oxygen as a result of photosynthesis.
          1. Most organisms take in oxygen from the air or water and use it to carry out their life processes.
          2. Nitrogen Fixation
            1. It is when free nitrogen is changed into usable nitrogen, performed by some bacterias.
              1. Producers can use it to build proteins and other complex compounds.
                1. Most of the nitrogen fixation is made of bacteria.
                  1. These bacteria live in bumbs and it is called nodules, on the roots of legumes.
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