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Its about the Social Media in the hoteles.

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Social media
  1. Social media can help your hotel in myriad ways, including boosting community awareness of your hotel and increasing occupancy
    1. Evaluate your current online footprint.
      1. If your property is well-reviewed, that can become your best asset online. You can use social media to reach potential customers and point them to something nice an objective guest said about your hotel.
      2. Establish objectives and a strategy to reach those objectives
        1. Increase awareness in the local community.
          1. • Increase overall ranking on review sites
            1. Engage with guests before and after their stay.
              1. Providing additional value to customers by creating a relationship.
              2. Measure staff time versus returns
                1. The socialmedia ROI equation is less about dollars and more about effort
                2. Learn by listening
                  1. use it as a research tool. Hotels can use social media to learn more about their competition and what their customers are doing.
                  2. Establish a social-media manager.
                    1. Different types of people are better suited for different types of interactions, and it takes a certain personality to convey the right messages online
                    2. Explore the social sites in order of importance
                      1. All the other review sites (Yelp, Expedia, Orbitz, etc.)—either set up e-mail alerts or check these sites every morning.
                        1. Twitter before Facebook—Twitter lets you engage in specific dialogue with specific people. From a guest perspective, it feels like a little less investment to follow a hotel rather than being a fan of a hotel’s page
                          1. Facebook fan page—the biggest mistake hoteliers make is setting up their Facebook pages as “Profiles.” Set your page up as a fan page, where you can create one-way dialogue, and you’re not required to view your fans’ status updates.
                            1. Location-based applications opportunities to introduce offers that entice guests to “check in” at your property.
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