Ancient History

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Ancient History: Colonisation and the Romans

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Ancient History
    1. The Carthaginians
      1. Founded Carthago Nova
        1. Attacked Saguntum
          1. Main cultural influence
          2. The Ancient Greeks
            1. Founded Rhode and Emporion
              1. Own currency
                1. Great sculptors
                2. The Phoenicians
                  1. Founded Gadir and Malaka
                    1. Metal resources
                      1. Brought alphabet
                    2. THE ROMANS
                      1. Important figures and events
                        1. Scipio Africanus
                          1. Captured Carthago Nova
                            1. Conquered the rest of the Peninsula
                            2. Viriatus
                              1. Leader of Lusitania
                                1. One of the fiercest in resisting Roman occupation
                                2. Celtiberian Wars
                                  1. Numantia refused to surrender to the Romans
                                3. Roman legacy
                                  1. Structures: bridges, walls, roads and aqueduts
                                    1. Laws: republican governments of the USA and France based on the Roman Republic
                                      1. Language: Romance languages based on Latin, the Roman language
                                        1. Religion: Constantine converted to Christianity
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