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Anything for Kitty: Would You Spend Thousands of Dollars to Keep Your Sick Pet Alive?


The RD is about the prolonging life
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Anything for Kitty: Would You Spend Thousands of Dollars to Keep Your Sick Pet Alive?
  1. The Situation
    1. A vet detected a terminal heart condition in the cat (Kitty).
      1. Her owner just to promise that the cat will live until his 30th birthday.
        1. The cat only have 2 years half of live
          1. The procedure: twice a day pills, the bimonthly visits to the veterinary cardiologist.
    2. The Dilemmna
      1. Just because we can extend a life, should we?
        1. As animals became increasingly viewed as members of the family, the reluctance to euthanize began to enter veterinary medicine.
          1. Many owners are willing to spend significantly on veterinary care: In a 2010 survey of more than 1,000 pet owners, 32 percent said they’d be somewhat to very likely to spend $5,000 on a single treatment.
      2. The Treatment
        1. Initially for Kitty, a chest tap would buy her several months of easier breathing
          1. The chest taps increased in frequency—once, Kitty needed three in a month
            1. Yet even as the taps went up to every other month
              1. The vet said: it was not fair to the animal. The animal doesn’t know anything about the last three months.
        2. The Decision
          1. The vet said that when the animal gets very sick, particularly with a terminal disease, The owner should consult the list for your own need, are not prolonging the animal's suffering
            1. Kitty List: watching the street from the window, jumping on us when we went to bed, to sleep perched on our backs or sides; and wolfing down the food as soon as I dumped it in her bowl
              1. In the last week, Kitty collapsed and her owner go to the emergency vet.
                1. Her owners decided let her go
          2. The Conclusion
            1. Before intervening in the life of a living being, we must stop and identify if it will be very painful and will be worth going through all this.
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