The Tertiary Sector

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The tertiary serctor do not produce material products but provides people, companies and the government SERVICES.

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The Tertiary Sector
    1. Characteristics
      1. Role in economy (provides jobs)
        1. Importance (welfare state)
          1. Service classification
            1. Public services
              1. Mixed services
                1. Private services
              2. Impact
                1. Changes in the lives of people
                  1. Changes in the landscape
                  2. Tourism
                    1. Cultural tourism
                      1. Big concerts
                        1. Important museums
                          1. Sporting events
                            1. Globally renowned celebrations
                            2. Ecotourism
                              1. Rular tourism
                                1. Nature Tourism
                                  1. To study local wildlife
                                    1. To admire natural landscapes
                                    2. Practise natural-based sports
                                    3. Sun and beach tourism
                                      1. The Seychelles islands
                                        1. Made up of 115 islands
                                          1. Independence in 1976
                                            1. They build hotels
                                              1. Tourism industries provides the islands with 70 per cent of their income and the employs about 30 per cent of their labour force.
                                            2. Other types of tourism
                                              1. Sea and river cruises
                                                1. Theme parks
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