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Training plan


Describe the courses that can help me to develop soft and core skills
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Training plan
  1. Communication in the workplace
    1. This course is focused on the develop of new skills for the student in order to make him more competent communicator on the workplace. The primordial aspects to be develop are the confidence, assetiveness, tact, anger management, constructive feedback, leadership, recognition of behavioral patterns, interviewing and better communication using technologyting,
    2. Problem solving
      1. This course provides the tools to evaluate rightly the problems, compare the solutions and evade the risks. Also it develops the analysis and synthesis to aboard the problems and the critical thinking, that is the base to resolve problems and to take decisions with bases.
      2. Career and worklife planning
        1. This course is designed for develop of the awareness, understanding and the skills necessary for a correct management of the career and the success of itself; Its focus on new professionals and mid-career professionals.
          1. Itunes U “career and worklife planning”
        2. Conflict resolution skills
          1. In this course, the users will build their skills for managing intercultural conflicts, and they will explore on how competing interests, goals, power imbalances, and other factors influence the nature of conflicts and the management strategies for this conflicts. Finally a conflict will be analyzed, in order to the users could outline an approach to management and resolution of it.
          2. Critical thinking
            1. This course develops and improves the critical thinking using global problems as examples, so the users will learn how to evaluate the information and develop based arguments in the context of the problems.
            2. Evaluating information
              1. This course teaches the skills required for a critical evaluation of evidence and scientific arguments. The main topics are how to ask questions, how to measure things, research design, casual interference and data analysis.
                1. Itunes U “Evaluating information”
              2. Work smarter no harder
                1. The course provide tools, techniques and methods so the user can fixed goals, prioritize tasks and set tasks in order to overcome the difficulties of the time gestion and improve the productivity.
                2. Responsible management
                  1. This course will facilitate the learning process to change the traditional practices to make the user more responsibly and ethically informed. Also the course implements challenges in order to the user will apply the theory in practice to solve a special issue or task in an area of his professional interest.
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