Text Tipes

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Text Tipes
  1. Narrative
    1. They Relate To The Real World And Time
      1. They Can Be, Tales, Novels And Newspaper
        1. Use Verbs: First, Second And Thrid
        2. Descriptive
          1. They Have To Do With The Location Of People And Things In Space
            1. They Provide Information About The Location Of Something Or Somenone
              1. The Information Is Cleare
              2. Directive
                1. They Relate To Future Activity Or Also Questions
                  1. They Are Narrative, Descriptive And Direct
                    1. Are All Focused To Events Around The World And Things
                    2. Expository
                      1. Identify And Characterize Phenomena
                        1. They Include Summaries, Essays, Meanings And Definitions
                          1. They Are Subjetive And Objetive
                            1. They Can Be Analytical Or Synthetic
                              1. They Caracterize By State Verbs And Epistemic Modals
                              2. Argumentative
                                1. It Attaches Activity Quality Or Characteristics Of Someone Or Something
                                  1. They Include Advertising Texts, They Can Be Argumentative Or Persuasive
                                    1. The Exhibition Can Be Neutral Or Contain Evaluative Elements
                                      1. Contain Laws That Regulate The Activity Of The Society
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