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Teresa García
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Teresa García
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  1. Inorganic
    1. Examples
      1. Tins; Glasses; Plastic; Bateries...
      2. Definition
        1. Is "trash" that cannot decompose and become a natural part of the soil again. (their chemical characteristics suffer a natural descomposition very slow)
      3. Organic
        1. Examples
          1. Remains of food; Fuits and vegetables; Meat; Eggs...
          2. Definition
            1. Is material that is biodegradable and comes from either a plant or animalhey (are bidegradable, they descompose naturally)
          3. Destination
            1. NO recycling
              1. Valorization
                1. Energetic
                  1. Non-energy
                  2. Deposit destination
                    1. Deposit
                      1. Turnkey
                        1. Dump
                    2. Recycling
                      1. Reuse
                        1. Recycling
                          1. valorization
                            1. Non-energy
                              1. Energetic
                          2. Benefits
                            1. Save energy
                              1. Reduces the needs for landfills and incineration process
                                1. Reduces emissions of greenhouse gases
                                  1. It helps maintainand protect the enviroment for future generations
                                  2. Definition
                                    1. The activity or process of extracting and reusing useful substances found in waste.
                                    2. Types of residues
                                      1. Toxic Waste
                                        1. They are residues that have in his composition substances that can give him dangerous characteristics. Implies a risk on the person and environment
                                          1. Ex: Used mineral oill
                                          2. No Toxic and hazardous Waste
                                            1. They are those that are not catalogued as dangerous residues, for not presenting characteristics of dangerousness
                                              1. Ex: plastic, paper...
                                              2. Especial
                                                1. They need the adoption of special measures of prevention, during the withdrawal, the storage, the transport, the treatment and the deposition of the rejection. Without managing to be considered to be dangerous residues, they can present a risk for the health.
                                                  1. - Medical Waste - Radioactive Waste - Construction and Demolition Waste
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