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How do we solve the UK horse crisis?


An example of developing an argument
Susannah Close
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Susannah Close
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How do we solve the UK horse crisis?
  1. 6. Main point: the answers
    1. stronger enforcement of microchipping and passporting laws
      1. change the laws on fly grazing
        1. education
          1. gelding and microchipping clinics
            1. keep a national database of all horse owners to discourage abandonment
    2. 1. Intro: personal anecdote
      1. Story from BRC mag about Faith, Hope and Charity


        • These are 3 ponies who had been abandoned
      2. 2. Explain the problem
        1. Rescue centres can no longer cope with the amount of abandoned and neglected horses
          1. 'One the verge' report completed by Blue Cross, redwings and RSPCA
        2. 4. Consequences for the abandoned horses
          1. neglect
            1. further over breeding
              1. ruin land
                1. danger to community
          2. 3. The reasons horses are being abandoned
            1. irresponsible and over breeding
              1. economic climate
                1. Fly grazing


                  • When people graze horses illegally on land that doesn't belong to them
                  1. Abandonment
                    1. Stallions not being gelded
                      1. No microchips or passports so horses can't be traced
            2. 5. cost of keeping a horse
              1. livery 50-150/month
                1. feed10-40/month
                  1. hay and bedding 20-60/month
                    1. vaccination - 70/year
                      1. farriery - 20-70/every 6-8 wks
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