The Impacts of global warming

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A mindmap which shows the direct and indirect impacts of global warming on certain countries.

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The Impacts of global warming
1 Direct impacts
1.1 Arctic
1.1.1 .Northwards shift of coniferous forest
1.1.2 Longer and warmer growing season
1.1.3 Increasing forest fires and insect tree deaths
1.1.4 40% of total permafrost expected to thaw (Siberia) Methane , new wetlands.
1.1.5 Temps risen 3-4.C 50 yrs ( Alaska, NW Canada)
1.1.6 Temps could rise 3-5.C more 100yrs
1.1.7 Snow reflects solar energy= melt=more warming
1.1.8 sea less saline= Loss of gulf steam and cooling nw Europe
1.1.9 UV radiation damage freshwater ecosystems
1.1.10 Carbon cycle changes
1.1.11 Coastal erosion =thawing permafrost weakens coast
1.1.12 Impacts on marine species e.g polar bears+seals and on land species e.g vole,arctic fox.
1.1.13 Decline of food for indigenous people , need herd animals,decline n freshwater fish, increase marine fish , increase in marine shipping, land transport distrupted permafrost. more agriculture and forestry, vulnerable to exploitation.
1.2 Africa
1.2.1 Water stress Food insecurity
1.2.2 Loss of biodiversity and Natural resources
1.2.3 More diseases
1.2.4 Threat to coastal zones
1.2.5 Desertification
1.2.6 Poverty
2 Indirect impacts
2.1 Worst case 15m rise in sea by 2100
2.2 Big cities in peril
2.3 some models show increased snowfall
2.4 Isostatic change
2.5 Vulnerable to rise
2.6 Largest river deltas e.g Ganges
2.7 Areas defended but close to sea level e.g Netherlands
2.8 Low lying islands
2.9 Bangladesh
2.9.1 sea levels destroying mangrove swamps
2.9.2 70% country less 6m above sea level
2.9.3 20%land could be lost, 40 million displaced
2.9.4 Multiple hazard zone and coast too long to defend
2.10 Egypt
2.10.1 1m rise in sea level affect 15% land , displace 7 million people
2.11 Netherlands
2.11.1 coastal lowlands+ densely populated
2.11.2 1m rise in sea could cost $12,000
2.12 Pacific Islands
2.12.1 Prone to natural disasters e.g hurricanes
2.12.2 Degradation of natural environments
2.12.3 Nowhere to flee to
2.12.4 Groundwater contamination
2.12.5 Maldives,Vanauatu,Tuvalu,Kiribati
2.12.6 Dense and growing population e.g Fiji

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