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presente simple y continuo

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  1. Continuous
    1. Progressive Activities
      1. Doing something now
      2. Formula: subject + assistant (to be) infinitive verb + "-ing".
        1. I am Talking
          1. He, She, It Is Talking
            1. You, We, They are talking
          2. Formula negative sentence: Subject + assistant (to be) + not+ infinitive verb + "-ing"
            1. I am not talking
              1. He, She, It's not talking
                1. You, We, They're not talking
              2. Contraction I am - I'm
                1. He’s not (He isn’t)
            2. Verb no action (stative)
              1. want, like, know, believe, forget, need, understand, remember, love, see, have (possession), hate, hear.
              2. Question: Are you talking?
              3. Simple
                1. General Activities
                  1. Fact - Habit - Short action
                  2. Formula: Subject + Verb (in infinitive whitout "to")
                    1. Very important: If the subject is 3rd person singular is added "-S " to the verb
                      1. For Example: he / she / it works.


                        • He works She works It works
                      2. I Live


                        • I live You live We live You live They live
                        1. formula: negative sentence Subject + do (es) + not + Verb
                          1. Do: I, You, We, You, They
                            1. Does: He, She, It.
                              1. Contraction Don't Doesn't


                                • I don't go You don't go He doesn't go She doesn't go It doesn't go We don't go You don't go They don't go
                            2. There are special cases , but my is very hard to explain in English.
                              1. Question: Do I go ? - Does she go ?
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