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databases in companies


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databases in companies
  1. sql
    1. nosql
      1. memory databases
      2. newsql
        1. databases in the cloud
        2. hadoop
          1. Apache Hadoop is a software framework that supports distributed applications under a libre.1 License Allows applications to work with thousands of nodes and petabytes of data
        3. mobile devices
          1. There are mobile versions of major relational databases that allow data to be stored and managed locally, which is always available and quickly accessible.
          2. analysis of data
            1. structured
              1. lies in getting the computer to solve a problem, using an algorithm and a technical depending on the language used
              2. unstructured
                1. information generated by the machine is now generated
              3. categories of new types of database ( " 2014 fast DBTA New survey data base technologies , " April2014. )
                1. 62% of cloud users database
                  1. 61% of sites NoSQL
                    1. 58 % of users in memory
                      1. 55% of Hadoop implementations
                      2. companies require databases that can run remotely, some maintenance, are highly secure , and unattached to a data center environment
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