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English Remedial IV


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Gina Lozada
Mind Map by Gina Lozada, updated more than 1 year ago
Gina Lozada
Created by Gina Lozada over 6 years ago

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English Remedial IV
  1. Indirect Questions
    1. We use indirect questions when we want to be more formal
    2. Too and enough
      1. We use both of them to talk about the quantity or size of something
      2. Prepositions
        1. They provide extra information like where are the objects
        2. Imperative
          1. We can use them to give a direct order
          2. Graphs and charts
            1. They help us to interpret the information
            2. Will and going to
              1. We use going to for plans
                1. We use will when we decide something at the moment
                2. Adverbs of frequency
                  1. We use them to describe how frequently we do an activity
                  2. Passive voice
                    1. We use it when the person who is making the action is unimportant
                    2. Present Perfect
                      1. We use this tense when we started something in the past but we are going to do in the future
                      2. Reported Speech
                        1. We use it when we report something that somebody else said
                        2. Order of Adjetives
                          1. It is important to know where the adjetives need to be when we use more than one
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