How to answer English language questions:

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How to answer English language questions:
  1. when talking about language there are a number of things to looks for:
    1. the emotive language: language designed to make a reader feel a certain way.
      1. the types of words used in a text
        1. long complicated words
          1. short and straight-forward words
        2. does the author use similes or metaphors?
          1. "I am as radiant as the sun"
          2. what types of sentences are used?
            1. long and complicated or short and straight forward.
            2. find out about the characters by seeing what sort of dialogue they use.
              1. a character using long words could be a clever character.
              2. denotations - their dictionary meaning
                1. connotations = ideas they link to
                2. structural devices include:
                  1. story arc - has a beginning a middle and an end usually with a crisis in the middle that gets resolved in the end.
                    1. flashback - the main bit of the text takes place in one time but there are parts from the past.
                      1. circular narrative - the first line takes you back to the beginning of it.
                        1. dual narrative - gives two sides of a story and alternates the viewpoints
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