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Aldo Martínez Barret
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Mind Map on SAB8#17_Ejecución, created by Aldo Martínez Barret on 18/11/2015.

Resource summary

  1. Project Management Plan
    1. Approved Change Requests
      1. Enterprise environmental factors
        1. Organizational process assets
          1. Deriverables
            1. Work performance information
              1. Change requests
                1. Project management plan updates
                  1. Project documents updates
                    1. PM ACCOUNTABLE
                      1. Removes jobs or problems
                        1. Reaching goals
                          1. Implement recognition and rewards
                            1. Reaching deriverables
                              1. Obtained data work performance
                                1. Re- confirm resources managers
                                  1. INTEGRATION MANAGEMENT
                                    1. Direct and Manage Project
                                    2. QUALITY MANAGEMENT
                                      1. Perform Quality Assurance
                                      2. PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT
                                        1. Conduct Procurements
                                        2. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
                                          1. Acquire Project Team
                                            1. Develop Project Team
                                              1. Manage Project Team
                                              2. COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT
                                                1. Manage Communications
                                                2. STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT
                                                  1. Manage Stakeholders Engagement
                                                  2. Implement the plan
                                                    1. Report under plan
                                                      1. Evaluate team
                                                        1. Implements approved changes
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