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The processes in the initiating process group formally start a new project or project phase.

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1 The business case for the project
2 Develop Project Charter (Integration Management Chapter)
2.1 Select the project manager
2.2 Determine the authority of the Project manager
2.3 Collect historical information
2.4 Divide large projects into phases
2.5 Determine high-level requirements, constraints, assumptions and risks
2.6 Make sure the business case and the analysis are documented and understood
2.7 Ensure the product scope is as final as practical
2.8 Understand how the project supports strategic objectives
2.9 Determine measurable project and product objectives
2.10 Compliance requirements that affect the project
2.11 Perform high-level estimating for the project schedule and budget
2.12 Determine the initial project organization
2.13 Determine whether the product can be achieved within the given constraints
2.14 Identify any inherent or required milestones
2.15 Obtain formal approval of the project charter.
2.16 Do planning on a high-level basis using the project planning process
3 The project description or project statement of work
4 How projects fits into or supports the company's strategic plan
5 A list of likely stakeholders
6 Known constraints, risk and assumptions
7 Relevant agreements, including contracts
8 Industry standars
9 Marketplace trends
10 The company's change control system
11 Processes and procedures of how the company operates
12 Past relationships with sponsor, stakeholders and team members
13 Templates from the past project
14 Historical WBS
15 Historical estimates
16 Lessons learned
17 What is going on in the company
18 Understanding of the company's future
19 Understanding of the company's culture
20 A list of people who may be good team members
21 Identify Stakeholders (Stakeholder Management Chapter)
21.1 Identify stakeholders and determine their influences, expectations and impact
21.2 Turn high-level stakeholder needs, wants and expectations into requirements.
21.3 Coordinate project initiating efforts with stakeholders, including the customer
21.4 Work with customer and others to determine acceptance criteria
22 Progressive Elaboration
22.1 The process of continually refining estimates and scope
23 Project Manager Assigned
23.1 For the exam, assume you are involved this early in the project, and make sure you understand what is going on during initiating
24 Business Case
24.1 The project manager needs to keep in mind throughout the project the reason the project was started
25 High Level Planning
25.1 The high-level planning effort is part of creating the project charter, which then documents measurable project objectives, milestone schedules and an initial budget for the project
26 PM Responsible
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