Amway (CSR)

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Amway (CSR)
  1. The Company
    1. Direct Sales 80 markets worldwide
      1. 3 million(IBOs)
      2. Emphasis on family values
        1. Work with UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund.
          1. Global Strategy
            1. good quality products
              1. Helps communities
              2. Growth and responsibility
                1. Amway's vision is to help people live better lives.
                  1. Low-cost low-risk business
                    1. Branded quality products
                      1. Fragrances, body care
                        1. skin care cosmetics
                          1. cookware water treatment
                            1. food and drinks
                            2. Amway's Rules of Conduct and Code of Ethics
                              1. self-employed
                            3. Amway programmes
                              1. One by One campaign for children
                                1. 'Immunisation Plus' programme.
                                  1. Malaria
                                2. official partner of UNICEF
                                  1. UNICEF's child survival programme
                                    1. HIV/AIDS to infants.
                                  2. fundraising
                                    1. provides support selling greeting cards and toys
                                  3. Developing a strategy
                                    1. plan into action
                                      1. Values
                                        1. implementation
                                          1. Amway's strategies for corporate social responsibility
                                            1. build loyalty
                                              1. Amway's reputation
                                                1. make a real difference
                                                2. Identifying stakeholders
                                                  1. global head quaters
                                                    1. IBos
                                                      1. Costumers
                                                        1. staff
                                                          1. Community Partners
                                                          2. Communicating the strategy
                                                            1. Face-to-face communication
                                                              1. Printed material
                                                                1. Public relations materials
                                                                  1. Email communication
                                                                    1. Online activities
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