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Mind Map on sab8#1Definición_de_Proyecto_I, created by leonardo aguilar on 11/20/2015.
leonardo aguilar
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leonardo aguilar
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  1. Temporary
    1. start and finish
    2. Unique result
      1. measurable
      2. Progressively elaborated
        1. new information to deal as project progresses
          1. make decisions to keep it on track
          2. Project Life Cycle
            1. what you need to do the work
              1. plan driven projects
                1. traditional life cycle
                  1. Scope,Schedule and Cost before the work begins to produce the project deliverys.
                2. chan driven projects
                  1. Use iterative, incremental or adaptative life cycles
                    1. Incremental and Interactives involves early planning of high level of scope
                      1. Incremental delivers a complete, usable portion of the product for each interaction
                        1. With iterative the complete concept is built .
                          1. Adaptive involve fixed time and cost. Scope will be refined as the project progresses
                      2. Project is not
                        1. always strategic or critical
                          1. ongoing operations
                            1. always succesful
                            2. Project Management Process
                              1. what you need to do to manage the work
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