Key elements for an effective presentation

Shalem Jaramillo
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Puntos clave para una presentación efectiva

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Key elements for an effective presentation
  1. Tips and Tricks
    1. technological tools
      1. Preparing Your Content
        1. usage of images
          1. Text
          2. Give excellent presentations
            1. Effective communication
              1. Building a presentation
                1. Preparation
                2. Making oral presentations
                  1. Talk to the audience
                    1. Less is more
                      1. Only talk when you have something to say
                        1. Make a persistent message
                          1. Be Logical
                          2. The use of numbers
                            1. Including numbers in the main body of text
                              1. Presenting numbers in tables
                                1. Graphs
                                  1. Good design
                                    1. 3D effects
                                    2. Speaking tone
                                      1. Your voice from the physical point of view
                                        1. Hydration and breathing
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