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SAB8#27 Details_Project_Mgmt_Plan


Mind Map on SAB8#27 Details_Project_Mgmt_Plan, created by Lucio Campos on 11/21/2015.
Lucio Campos
Mind Map by Lucio Campos, updated more than 1 year ago
Lucio Campos
Created by Lucio Campos over 6 years ago

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SAB8#27 Details_Project_Mgmt_Plan
  1. Project management processes that will be used on the project
    1. Knowledge area management plans
      1. Scope
        1. Schedule
          1. Cost
            1. Quality
              1. Human resources
                1. Communications
                  1. Risk
                    1. Procurement
                      1. Stakeholder
                      2. Performance Measurement Baseline
                        1. Scope
                          1. Schedule
                            1. Cost
                            2. Requirements management plan
                              1. Change management plan
                                1. Change control system
                                2. Process improvement plan
                                  1. Configuration management plan
                                    1. Configuration management system
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