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Evidence 2 effective presentation.
Eddy  de leon
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Eddy  de leon
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  1. Tips and Tricks
    1. Preparation
      1. You should know the argument inside and out as well as plan for debate from any angle.
        1. Take the venue and audience into consideration when planning the presentation.
      2. Prepare your content
        1. One idea per slide
          1. better images than text
            1. Placement
              1. be sure to place text and important information at the top of the slide.
                1. This way those in the back can still get the gist of your talk
            2. Software
              1. Which tool are you most comfortable with?
                1. take care about: size,templates, transitions and credits or contact
              2. Building a presentation
                1. Visual aids are a great feature to highlight and clarify your point
                  1. Your audience should be more focused on what you are speaking about than what is on your visual aids.
              3. Effective comunication
                1. It has to be compelling
                  1. eye contact, speak clearly and project, engage the audience by fielding questions, stay calm. humor adapt to the audience
                2. Visual Aids
                  1. Text
                    1. the faster someone can read what's on your slide, the quicker they will return to your face and concentrate on what you are saying.
                      1. Ensure colors are high-contrast. Use legible type with a good weight, you also want people to be able to read your slides from a distance.
                      2. Use Of Image
                        1. Creative Commons
                          1. be sure to provide credits when you insert the image into your slide show. (for the copyrights)
                          2. Mix your visuals
                            1. Ideally it will mix photographs, illustrations, and text to sustain your audience's interest.
                            2. One image per slide
                              1. This keeps the message straightforward and focused
                              2. bigger is better
                                1. because they will be easier for those in the back to see.
                            3. Talk to the audience
                              1. Only talk when you have something to say
                                1. Research never goes as fast as you would like. Remember the audience's time is precious and should not be abused by a presentation of dull preliminary material.
                                2. self knowledge
                                  1. Presentations should be enjoyable so need to know your limits
                                    1. If you are not funny by nature, do not try and be funny. If you are not good at telling personal stories, do not try and tell them, and so on.
                                  2. Less is more
                                    1. a common mistake of inexperienced presenters is to try to say too much.. As a result, the main message is often lost, and valuable question time is usually curtailed.
                                      1. Your knowledge of the subject is best expressed through a clear and concise presentation that is provocative and leads to a dialog during the question-and-answer session when the audience becomes active participants.
                                    2. prepare presentations that address the target audience.
                                      1. what are their backgrounds and knowledge level of the material you are presenting and what they are hoping to get out of the presentation
                                      2. Be Logical
                                        1. You need to set the stage (beginning), you tell the story (middle), and you have a big finish (the end) where the take-home message is clearly understood.
                                      3. Delivering your presentation
                                        1. Follow-Up
                                          1. Asking for feedback can help you improve your presentation for the next time
                                          2. Write a script
                                            1. write a script to sit alongside your slides that will jog your memory (just in case)
                                              1. simply two or three bullet points per slide
                                            2. Surprise your audience and yourself
                                              1. Don't include anything in your slide deck that bores you, or it will surely bore your audience as well
                                              2. Do a practice-run of your presentation with your slides at least twice. This will help you figure out which slides might be irrelevant, whether the ordering is appropriate, as well as how to transition from one idea to the next.
                                                1. Be funny, but not ridiculous Tell a personal story. Your slides should strengthen these ideas.
                                              3. Saying thanks
                                                1. given that other people have generously expended time and energy to ensure you have a place to share your work and ideas.
                                                  1. is an excellent networking technique that improves your community
                                                    1. Engage in dialogue with new contacts who reach out to you. Thank others who presented with you. Offer them feedback on their presentations and add them to your networks. Thank the organizers who invited you to present. With any luck, they'll invite you back next time
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