Physics P1- Heat and energy Transfer

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Physics P1- Heat and energy Transfer
  1. Conduction
    1. The way in which heat is travelled through a solid
      1. When heated the particles gain energy and vibrate more rapidly bumping into surrounding particles and passing heat energy onto them.
        1. Metals are good conductors because they contain free electrons which travel along the metal passing on heat energy.
        2. Convection
          1. Only in gases and liquids, as these particles move randomly in any direction.
            1. Heated particles become less dense and rise, where they become further way from the heat source and become more dense where they sink and the process begins again.
            2. Radiation
              1. All objects are continually emitting and absorbing infrared radiation.
                1. An object that is hotter than its surroundings emits more radiation than it absorbs (as it cools down) and opposite for cooler objects.
                  1. Dark, matt surfaces absorb more radiation than light shiny surface.
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