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Terms of the Treaty of Versailles...


Terms of the Treaty of Versailles, (LAMB- land, army, money, blame)
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Terms of the Treaty of Versailles...
  1. Land
    1. Alsace Lorraine was given back to France
      1. Eupen-Malmedy was given to Belgium
        1. France were given coal from Saar for 15 years then there would be a vote to be part of France or Germany
          1. Germany could keep Rhineland but NO weapons or soldiers were allowed there.
            1. Germany and Austria could NEVER unite
              1. Danzig was put under control of the League of Nations
                1. West Prussia and Posen was given to the newly created Poland
                  1. Give the North of Schleswig to Denmark and South to Germany
                    1. Germany cannot keep her overseas colonies
                    2. Money
                      1. Germany must pay £6.6 billion reparations
                      2. Army
                        1. Limit to only 100,000 men in the German army
                          1. Limit Germany's navy to only 15,000 men, no submarines and only 6 battleships
                            1. Do not allow Germany to have any tanks or aircraft
                            2. Blame
                              1. Germany were forced to accept FULL responsibility and admit they started the war
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