English - Estrutura 1

Jomar  Coelho
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Mind Map on English - Estrutura 1, created by Jomar Coelho on 12/02/2013.

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Jomar  Coelho
Created by Jomar Coelho almost 6 years ago
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English - Estrutura 1
1 1. Person
1.1 I
1.1.1 You He She It We You They 2. Verb am are is is is are are are 3. Positive I am happy. He is happy. We are happy. 4. Negative I am not tired. He is not tired. We are not tired. 5. Positive Questions Am I invited? Is he invited? Are we invited? 7. Positive Answears. Yes. I am invited! Yes, he is invited. Yes, we are invited. 8. Negative Questions Am I not invited? Is he not invited? Are we not invited? 9. Negative Answears. No. I am not invited. No. He is not invited. No. We are not invited. I am beauty. He is beauty. She is beauty. It is beauty. We are beauty. You are beauty. They are beauty.

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