Diet and food

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Diet and food
1 Nutrients
1.1 Bread, rice, pasta and cereals
1.1.1 Carbohydrates 6/11 servings
1.2 Fruit and vegetables
1.2.1 vitamins and minerals 2/4 servings
1.3 Meat, fish, eggs and pulses
1.3.1 proteins and vitamins 2/3 servings
1.4 Milk, yoghurt and cheese
1.4.1 proteins and vitamins 2/3 servings
1.5 Oils and fats
1.5.1 Lipids very little per day
2.1 A
2.1.1 good for our eyes and skin
2.2 B
2.2.1 gives us energy and make oxygen
2.3 C
2.3.1 Prevents illnesses
2.4 D
2.4.1 good for our teeth and bones
2.5 K
2.5.1 Good for our blood
2.6 E
2.6.1 good for our eyes and skin
3.1 Incisors
3.2 Canines
3.3 Pre molar
3.4 Molar
4.1 Warm up
4.2 Appropiate and safe place
4.3 Drink water
4.4 Safety equipment
4.4.1 Knee pads
4.4.2 Elbow pads
4.4.3 Helmet
4.5 Comfortable shoes
4.6 Stretch
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