task analysis.

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task analysis.
1 cost
1.1 will your product be value for money ?
1.1.1 will the coat of your product effect the choice of material ? what materials will you use ?
1.2 will you make a small scale model or prototype for your design ?
1.2.1 how much would your product cost to make ? how much would it be sold for? how would you find out how similar products cost ? most products make around 70% profit ? where will you get the information from ?
2 aesthetics
2.1 will it need to be colourful and bright ?
2.1.1 how would it appeal to your target market ? will the aesthetics of your product reflect your target audience ? how ill you research this ? what would inspire you to come up with good design ideas ? will your choice of material effect your product ? how much will it be sold for? what research will be done about aesthetic ? where will you get the information from ?
3 function
3.1 what will your product do ?
3.2 how will it function ?
3.2.1 does it have a primary or secondary effect ? will you have to consider safety ? what type of research will you have to do to see how similar products function ? where would you get the information from ?
3.2.2 how does it work ? where will your product be used ? who will your product be able to be used by ?
4 ergonomics
4.1 is your product to be used by people?
4.1.1 if so by who ?
4.2 weight ?
4.2.1 size ? shape ? comfort important to the user ? will it need instructions ?
4.3 will it be easy to use ?
4.3.1 how will you research ergonomics ? how do you need to find out /collect ? where would you get the information from?
5 quality
5.1 how will you ensure the quality of your product ?
5.1.1 what materials could you use ? can you consider cheaper materials and not compromise the quality ? how do you check the quality ?
5.2 will you need to use cad/cam to ensure accuracy ?
5.2.1 will you need to make templates /jigs to ensure quality ? what manufacturing processes could you use to make your product ? will you have to test materials before you start work ? how will you research this ? will you apply design ideas ?
6 user
6.1 what is your target audience ?
6.1.1 who is your product aimed at ? where will your product be used ?
6.1.2 gender ? interests ? do they have disabilities ? will your product be safe for the user , how will you consider this ? why will it be used ? what research will you have to do to find out about what the user wants ?
7 environment
7.1 what are the materials your using ?
7.1.1 are the materials recyclable ? what research will you do ?
7.1.2 what impact will it have on the environment ? where will you find out about all this research ?
7.1.3 will it be easy to dispose of ? what is the impact of the product ? where is the product going to be used ? issues will it have and what issue will the material used have ?
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