How effectively is the Indian non-profit sector using social media?

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Research focus for Assignment-2

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How effectively is the Indian non-profit sector using social media?
1 Desired Data
1.1 4 primary reasons for using social media
1.2 4 key social media campaign objectives
1.3 An analysis of how effectively Indian NGOs use social media compared to key nternational NGOs
2 Research Methods
2.1 Twitter visualizations using TAGs
2.2 Analysis of non-profit accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
2.3 Interviews - FB/Email/In-person
2.4 Surveys of key stakeholders using Survey Monkey
2.5 Review social media campaigns & case studies
3 Reading
3.1 Marwick, A. Twitter and Society. Ch.9
3.2 Hands, J. Activism and technology. Ch. 1
3.3 The future of Fund Raising (np Experts, 2013)
3.4 Qualman, E. Socialnomics
3.5 Media reports, articles, case studies and blogs on the subject
3.6 HBR, Huffington Post articles on "social media for social good"
3.7 Book Excerpt: Social Change Anytime, Everywhere
3.8 Stanford Social Innovation Review
4 Research Parameters
4.1 Measuring the effective use of social media against the following identified parameters for 5 non-profits
4.1.1 Awareness building
4.1.2 Advocacy
4.1.3 Fund Raising
4.1.4 Engaging the commuity
4.1.5 Brand building
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