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Introducción to supply chain Management


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Introducción to supply chain Management
  1. Elements
    1. Costumer
      1. Here is where is decided the product that the company produce.
      2. Planning
        1. They develop a plan to produce the product.
        2. Purchasing
          1. Is received the list of necessary materials to do the product.
          2. Inventory
            1. The materials are received, reviewed, and moved to the warehouse.
            2. Production
              1. The products are moved in the production area where are finished.
              2. Transportation
                1. When the finished product arrives in the warehouse the shipping department determine the most efficient method to ship the product and they delivered to the consumer.
                2. Levels of activities
                  1. Strategic
                    1. The company will looking the high level strategic.
                    2. Tactical
                      1. Adopting measures that will produce cost benefits.
                      2. Operational
                        1. In this level are taken decision about how the product are moved along the supply chain.
                      3. Technology
                        1. The company require some level of investment in technology. This application does require a significant cost and not only monetary.
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