Why were the colonists unhappy?

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A mindmap outlining the reasons why colonists were unhappy before the American Revolution

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Why were the colonists unhappy?
  1. The Enlightenment: educated men and women began to question traditional ideas, e.g. the divine right of kings
    1. French and Indian War: in 1756 Britain and France went to war over North America. American colonists fought alongside the British Army and gained experience. Among these men was George Washington
      1. Immigration: people moving from countries such as Holland and Germany reduced the British identity of the colonies. By thr 1760's people no longer referred to themselves as 'British', but 'American'.
        1. No representation in Westminster: Colonists did not have any say in the decisions that were being made about matters that affected them. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin were among these people.
          1. Navigation Acts: Trade restrictions were imposed on the colonies. e.g. they could only sell tobacco to Britain at whatever low price Britain wanted to pay. American colonies, in turn, were forced to buy their sugar from British plantations.
            1. No Taxation without Representation: in the 1760's the British Parliament introduced a number of new taxes on the colonies: e.g. The Quartering Act, The Stamp Act.
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