Physical exercise turns our brains on

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En el siguiente Mapa Conceptual lo que vemos es la síntesis de una charla TEDx que se llama: "Run, Jump, Learn! How Exercise can Transform our Schools: John J. Ratey". Espero que sea productivo.

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Physical exercise turns our brains on
  1. Second Case Study
    1. Duke University Medical School
      1. Exercise make emotions better
        1. TEST
          1. Sedentary people
            1. 1. Medication (Zoloft)
              1. 2. Exercise
                1. 3. Medication + Exercise
                  1. Afetr 4 weeks
                    1. Depressive score drop to the same level
        2. First Case Study
          1. Ex: Boston Marathons
            1. Patients
              1. Cannot run because of an injury
                1. Get depressed
                2. Exercise were a treatment against
                  1. Deficit Disorders
            2. Third Case Study
              1. School in Naperville Illinois
                1. 900 students
                  1. 20 years
                    1. PE program (Fitness)
                      1. 45 minutes /day
                        1. 3% overweight (School)
                        2. Other schools
                          1. 33% overweight
                          2. More Positive Results
                            1. Tim's test
                              1. Maths: 1st school in the world
                                1. Science: 6th school in the world
                                2. Exercises effects not only in health disesases, but for cognition too
                            2. Finding
                              1. The real mission of changing the education system and bringing back play
                                1. As a treatment modality/stimulating modality
                            3. Fourth Case Study
                              1. Inner city school in Charlestone, South Caroline
                                1. School with no resources
                                  1. 1 gym
                                    1. 4 stations
                                      1. Rotation
                                    2. 4 months of work
                                      1. Results
                                        1. 83% drop in discipline problems
                                    3. Fifth Case Study
                                      1. School at Northem Ontario
                                        1. Special class (25 Badboys)
                                          1. 95% days of suspension
                                            1. After 4 months working with physical exercises every day
                                              1. 5% days of suspension
                                                1. Droping of percentage of days of suspension
                                        2. Biological Explanation
                                          1. More exercise
                                            1. Make better the prefrontal cortex
                                              1. Create more Neuro transmitters
                                                1. Create a substance called BDNF
                                                  1. The more fit thechild is, the better learner they are
                                                  2. Help cells to keep YOUNG, PERKY and GROOWING to log in any information
                                                2. Final Personal Aim
                                                  1. REINVIGORATE OUR SCHOOLS
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