sientific and techonological advances

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sientific and techonological advances
      1. aeroplane
        1. cars or high speed trains
          1. international Space Station
          2. DEFINITION
            1. The last hundred years have seen huge advances in transport sistems
          3. MEDICINE
            1. EXAMPLE
              1. Drugs , antibiotics and vacinations
              2. DEFINITION
                1. Have improvide health and extended life expensative
              3. COMUNICATION
                1. DEFINITION
                  1. Phones belonged 1980
                  2. Example
                    1. Smartphones and internet
                  3. CONSTRUCTION
                    1. EXAMPLE
                      1. Channel tunnel ,the Palm jumeirah and the Burj Khalifa
                      2. DEFINITION
                        1. over the 100 years they have complete megaprojects have transformed cities
                      3. FLEXIBLE PHONES
                        1. Electronic paper is one of the prototype materials in screen technology. It means that screens for tablet computers or phones of the future could be printed on a flexible material and then folded up.
                        2. WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY
                          1. SMARTWATCHES
                            1. Similar to small smartphones which can run a variety of applications and can connect to our phones or tablet computers
                            2. SMART CLOTHING
                              1. Reacts to the human body
                              2. SMART GLASSES
                                1. Let us view a digital display on the inside of the lens, and can connect with other gadgets wirelessly
                              3. 3D PRINTER
                                1. Definition
                                  1. Type of industrial robot which uses computer software and imaging techniques to reproduce three-dimensional object
                                  2. Example
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