French Revolution

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French Revolution
  1. Causes
    1. Enlightement thinkers
      1. Political crises
        1. Economic Crises


          • The state was bankrupt as a result of its  participation in military cinfliscts, such as American War of Independence.
          1. Social crisis
            1. Nobility and clergy wanted to protect their traditional economic privileges, and refused to pay taxes
              1. The third state were suffering from economic difficulties causes by wars, higher taxes.
            2. Major events
              1. The National Assembly


                • 3rd state proposed a new voting system in which each representative would have an individual vote. Whenking refused they declare themselves as the true representatives of the nation
                1. They demanded a constitution
                2. The Constituent Assembly
                  1. The king agreed =New constituent assembly
                    1. They attacked Bastille


                      • After that more riots  broke out in the countryside and in cities around France
                      1. Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen


                        • All men are born free and equal in their rights
                        1. Louis XVI tried to escape to Austria
                    2. Legislative Assembly
                      1. Girondins
                        1. Belived in revolution, but representes the interests of the bourgroise
                        2. Jacobins
                          1. Belived in revolution, but their political ideas gradually became more radical.
                            1. Put the king in trial
                              1. Expand the suffrage
                                1. Control price rises to help the workers
                            2. The Convention
                              1. Louis XVI accused of treason and then executed.
                                1. European countries formed coalition and declared war on France to stop revolution
                              2. The Diresctory
                                1. Was a more conservative goverment which was composed of 5 members
                                2. Consulate
                                  1. Military coup lead by Napoleaon Bonaparte
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